The Prosecutor Vetting Commission will conduct two types of vetting evaluations. “Pre-Vetting” of all candidates to the Superior Council of Prosecutors and its boards and “full vetting” of all prosecutors in certain categories as defined by Law 252/2023.

On 5 December 2023, the Prosecutor Vetting Commission adopted the Rules of procedure previously published by the Pre-Vetting Commission (as amended on 6 September 2023 and as published on the website of the Pre-Vetting Commission (RoP_ROM_amended_09.2023.pdf ( as the rules by which it will conduct its mandated pre-vetting evaluations.

When adopting these rules the Prosecutor Vetting Commission made one exception as follows: Re: lit. a) from para. 7 of art. 16 which provides: “a. The Secretariat shall ensure that the evaluation materials are produced in hard copy, watermarked with the name of the Commission: ”Pre-Vetting Commission” and the name of the candidate “candidate First Name, Surname”, has been removed and replaced with: “a. The Secretariat will provide copies of materials in a read-only digital format”.

At the same 05 December 2023 meeting, the Prosecutor Vetting Commission also adopted the Asset Declaration and Ethics Questionnaire as previously approved by the Pre-Vetting Commission.