The Superior Council of Prosecutors (SCP) has announced interviews of candidates for the position of Prosecutor General on February 22, 2024. Afterwards, the SCP will submit to the Prosecutor Vetting Commission a list of candidates to be evaluated as to their ethical and financial integrity.

According to Article 3 para. 3 of Law 252/2023, the Prosecutor Vetting Commission is charged with vetting candidates for key positions, including the Prosecutor General, as a “matter of priority”.

The evaluation involves significant effort not only for the Commission and its Secretariat, but also for candidates, who must provide a series of relevant documents and information. These include a 5-year Declaration, requiring candidates to provide detailed information about their finances and personal interests, as well as a list of their close relations including those working in the judiciary, prosecution, and public service.

In addition, the candidates will also have to complete an Ethics Questionnaire. The candidates participating in the interviews are encouraged to begin reviewing and planning for submission of these two documents.

The Commission looks forward to cooperation with the SCP and selected candidates in conducting a transparent, fair, and timely vetting process. In addition, the Commission calls on government and law enforcement agencies, NGOs, media, and public to provide any information that could support the evaluation efforts. Notifications can be submitted via a form found on the Commission’s website.