During March 26 – 27, the Prosecutor Vetting Commission will hear four civil society representatives vying for membership in the Superior Council of Prosecutors’ Selection and Evaluation Board. All four candidates confirmed their attendance.

The hearings will take place at Digital Park, Royal Hall (15A Mihai Viteazul Str.), according to the following schedule:

Individuals, civil society, and media representatives may attend the hearings by notifying the Commission at the email address press@vettingmd.org, by Monday, March 25, 14:00. Notifications should specify the participant’s name, surname, and the represented organization, if applicable.

All participants are required to observe the same rules. Video recording, photography, or live broadcasting are not allowed throughout the hearings. Interested journalists will be provided with photos taken during the hearings. In addition, the video recordings in Romanian and English will be available on the Commission’s website and YouTube channel.

The hearings represent one of the main stages of the external evaluation where candidates have the possibility to provide clarifications on certain identified doubts. In the event of candidate’s refusal to attend the hearings, the evaluation is completed based on the gathered information.

Currently, the Prosecutor Vetting Commission is evaluating 28 candidates from both the prosecution service and civil society who are running for the position of member in the SCP’s Selection and Evaluation Board and Disciplinary and Ethics Board. These candidates are evaluated based on financial and ethical integrity criteria set out by Law 26/2022. To date, the Prosecutor Vetting Commission has failed 4 candidates to the SCP boards due to their withdrawal from the competition or failure to submit the required declarations.

For additional information, please contact the Commission’s communication coordinator at the email address: press@vettingmd.org or via phone at +373 60 22 30 82.