The Prosecutor Vetting Commission has invited five candidates for the Superior Council of Prosecutors’ (SCP) Boards to public hearings scheduled for 30-31 May 2024. All five are vying for membership in the SCP’s Selection and Evaluation Board. They are the prosecutors Marcel Dimitraș, Mariana Gornea, Corneliu Lavciuc, Alexandru Nichita, and Constantin Șușu. Mr. Șușu also seeks appointment in the SCP’s Discipline and Ethics Board.

The hearings represent one of the main stages of the evaluation where candidates may provide clarifications on certain identified doubts. In the event of a candidate’s refusal to attend the hearings, the evaluation is completed based on the gathered information.

Mass media, civil society, and members of the public may attend the hearings as observers. The Prosecutor Vetting Commission will shortly publish the hearing schedule and other event details.

The evaluation of candidates for membership in the self-governing bodies of prosecutors, namely the Superior Council of Prosecutors and its specialized boards, is conducted under Law No. 26/2022 and the Commission’s Rules of Procedures. To date, the Commission has issued decisions on five candidates. The list of all evaluated candidates is available here.