The Prosecutor Vetting Commission today initiated the evaluation of prosecutors from the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (APO), according to Law No. 252/2023 and its Rules of Procedure. This law requires that APO prosecutors are evaluated as a matter of priority. The Commission received the list of APO prosecutors to be evaluated from the Superior Council of Prosecutors.

The Commission has instructed the APO prosecutors to submit within 20 days their 5-years declaration of assets and personal interests, including the list of close persons in the judiciary, prosecution, and public service. Additionally, the subjects shall complete and submit an ethics questionnaire.

Following the receipt of the declarations and questionnaire, the Commission will gather further information by accessing relevant government systems, and by issuing additional requests. Following the analysis of gathered data, any potential concerns will be communicated to the subjects, followed by a public hearing. Subsequently, an evaluation report, proposing either passing or failure of the evaluation, will be sent to the Superior Council of Prosecutors, which takes the final decision.

The Commission commits to conducting a transparent evaluation based on legally established criteria, with results made public. Furthermore, it calls upon the public, state agencies, civil society organizations, and the media to contribute any relevant information to support the evaluation process. Notifications can be submitted via the Commission’s website.