The Prosecutor Vetting Commission has been established under Law 252/2023 of the Republic of Moldova, with the stated purpose of undertaking a one-time evaluation of the ethical and financial integrity of certain categories of Moldova’s prosecutors, including the senior members of the General Prosecutor’s Office, and various specialized units of prosecutors.

The Prosecutor Vetting Commission is also responsible for completing evaluations of candidates for the self-administration bodies of prosecutors (such as candidates for the Superior Council of Prosecutors and it boards), under Law 26/2022.

The Commission works in compliance with the provisions of Law 252/2023, and is governed by the following principles:

  • independence of its Commissioners;
  • fairness in its evaluation procedures;
  • and public transparency in the conduct of the evaluation process.

The Commission notes that vetting of prosecutors is, in the words of the law and of the Venice Commission, an “exceptional” process. Accordingly, under Law 252/2023, the vetting undertaken by the Prosecutor Vetting Commission will be time limited to designated positions becoming vacant before 31 December 2025.