Sergiu Russu will undergo the external evaluation by the Prosecutor Vetting Commission under Law No. 252/2023. Mr. Russu acted as the head of Anti-Human Trafficking Unit between 17 January 2023 and 18 June 2024.

The subject was notified about the initiation of his evaluation and asked to submit the 5-years declaration of assets and personal interests, including the list of close persons in the judiciary, prosecution, and public service. Mr. Russu should also complete and submit an ethics questionnaire. Both items are to be submitted within 20 days.

After analyzing the gathered information both from the subject and additional sources, Mr. Russu will be heard in a public session. Afterwards, an evaluation report concluding whether the subject passed or failed the evaluation will be approved by the Commission and sent to the Superior Council of Prosecutors, which will take the final decision.

The Prosecutor Vetting Commission will assess the subject as to his financial and ethical integrity in strict accordance with Law No. 252/2023 and Commission’s Rules of Procedure.  The Commission reiterates its call upon the public to contribute any relevant information that would support the evaluation efforts. Notifications can be submitted online here: All received information will be processed respecting the principles of confidentiality.