Today, on 22 December 2023, the Prosecutor Vetting Commission initiated evaluation procedure of 29 candidates to the Superior Council of Prosecutors boards.

According to the Law 252/2023 and subsequently Law 26/2022 the Commission is tasked with evaluating candidates for the Selection and Evaluation Board and the Disciplinary and Ethics Board under the Superior Council of Prosecutors.

In order to make the vetting process as straightforward as possible, the Commission will continue to use the same Rules of Procedure and forms as were used by the Pre-Vetting Commission, making a small amendment for a paperless vetting process.

A week earlier, the Commission sent to the candidates a “Heads Up” letter advising the candidates that an official request for evaluation paperwork is coming, starting a seven-day window for the completion of the declarations.

The attached forms include a mandatory 5-years Declaration covering assets and personal interests for the last 5 years, as well as a list of close persons in the judiciary, prosecutor’s office and public service, and an optional Ethics Questionnaire aimed at addressing ethical integrity.

The Commission pay special attention for candidates who haven’t previously submitted annual declarations (as per Law No. 133/2016) who are now are required to complete declarations for any of the last five years (2018-2022) not previously submitted.

To facilitate a smooth submission process, the examples of these documents were attached to the letter.

This announcement underscores the Commission’s commitment to transparency and fairness in the vetting process, ensuring the integrity of candidates for crucial prosecutor positions.

We look forward to collaboration with candidates and anticipate a comprehensive and thorough evaluation process.